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  • To Provide reliable, effective & long lasting solution towards the Infections with micro organisms
  • Endow safe & healthy environment by using safe, WHO & EPA approved & Eco- friendly chemicals.


  • A.) Effective Disinfection with Deep Cleaning and satisfactory treatments designed through a program for reducing and controlling the infection with micro- organism i.e. Viruses (COVID -19) & Bacterias from the environment.
  • B.) Effective disinfestations and satisfactory Pest Control Treatments designed through a program for reducing and controlling: -
  • Prophylactic Treatment for Cockroaches, Crawling Pest, Ants, Silver Fishes, Spiders & Lizards
  • Rodents Management
  • Flying Insects Management


  • Pre Construction
  • Post Construction
  • A.) Chemical to be used for Disinfection with Deep Cleaning
    Fine spray (Ultra Low Volume Spray or Cold Fogging) with disinfectant chemical (Sodium Hypochlorite 5% & other recommended disinfectant) thoroughly to the premises & the parts of premises which are frequently come in contact or used to hold & touch e.g. Railings, Washrooms, Drawing room, kitchen, floor area, door, door knob & handles, Furniture etc.
    After disinfection process deep Cleaning Process will be carried out with chemical taski R2 from Diversey which will be as per details given below:
  • Surface Treatment – Special treatment of steel, wooden and glass surface.
  • Pantry Cleaning – Cleaning of all furniture and electrical fixtures.
  • Window Cleaning – Cleaning all glass panes and windows that are safe to access.

  • B.) Disinfectant treatment backed with fine spray spay of Pesticides (Deltamethrin, Cypermethrin, Imidachlorprid, Chloropyriphos Bromodiolone Baits, Dichlovos & other Chemical Solutions) to the common area & external periphery of the premises to check the entries of any micro-organisms carriers i.e. Rats, Cockroaches, Flies, Mosquitoes & other crawling pest
    The above mentioned pesticides i.e. insecticides have contact, inhalation & residual action on described pest population. The chemical will be sprayed & injected to cover all critical areas of infestation where the pest have their harborages, rest, move frequently & hide for their basic need of shelter, food & breeding i.e. office, cafeteria, underside of furniture, wall-floor junction, toilet, drains, ducts, conduits, pipes & other point of area with high humidity & temperature that favors insects growth & development. At last but not least Personal hygiene is most important to avoid any infection from the body & the premises So keep yourself & your surrounding very neat & clean
  • Drink plenty of water, wash your hand frequently with soap after use of toilet & before to eat
  • Use hand Sanitizers
  • Avoid overcrowded places to visit & Social gatherings
  • Maintain Social distance everywhere even at home also
  • Keep distance with the any suspected person atleast 3-6mtr. or place which is already infected
  • Also take care for cross ventilation of the living areas
  • Ensure to use warm water for drink everyday specially in early morning & before to bed
  • Wash the natural eatable items with luke warm water before to consume e.g. fruits & vegetables
  • Take off your footwear outside only as leather is most susceptible to carry the germs inside
  • Disinfectant your home & surface with any common disinfectant available in the market i.e. Lyzol twice in a day at least

  • We wish for your Good Health in Healthy Environment…Stay Safe & Healthy


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