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Cockroaches are one of the most common household insects, found especially in Kitchen, Washroom, Elmira, Covert, Furniture, Cloths, and Paper etc. They feed on the entire food item that is consumable by human beings. Cockroaches are vectors for disease as they carry organisms on their bodies that can be potentially harmful to humans and animals.

To control this pathogenic pest, we apply the gel treatment that is very effective, safe & eco-friendly in nature & there is no need to vacate your premises also.

Gel Treatment for Cockroaches

Gel Treatment is based on the new generation chemical which is highly effective & eco-friendly and used for different types of roaches control with single feeding effect. Once the treatment is applied, its effect will last up to 2 months or until the bait is consumed or destroyed. The application will be directed to the harborages and in the area where water is not used on regular basis. It is not volatile, therefore there are not airborne active ingredients (a.i.) released.



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