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Flying insects mainly carriers of disease vector & develop anywhere easily to meet its target body. They multiply very shortly & appear abundant in numbers. Frequent treatment is required to control their density& to control contagious disease spread by them.

Mosquitoes Control

Mosquitoes is also one of the most nuisance flying insect, which can not only cause a lot of inconvenience but also lead to serious health concerns like malaria and skin reactions from bites. Water sources are breeding grounds for these tiny deadly pests.


Fogging: Fogging treatment is done i.e. spreading of chemical gases homogeniously in the environment to control the adult mosquitoes.

Chemical treatment is also done Outdoor, Indoor & on stagnant water to control the mosquitoe's larvae, which are mainly responsible for spreading diseases.

Flies Control

For controlling flies, first we recommend proofing against fly entry i.e. installation of fluorescent PVC strip curtains and insect killers at strategic locations (to be done by the company), to reduce the insecticidal spray.

In case of heavy infestation Insecticidal Solution is sprayed (indoor/outdoor) to the garbage areas. Sometimes Hit fly baits also recommended for strategic location for fly control.


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