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Time Attendance System
  • Ultra-Sonic Rat Repeller Device- A device that repels rodents and other creepers from entering the premise. The vibration produced by these devices prohibits rodents from invading your premise.
  • "Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller" to control rodent, rat or mice efficiently. These units are very compact, safe, environmentally friendly and non-irritating pest repeller. A total revolutionary rodent control unit to protect you against any rodent menace! It is perfect for your Home, Commercial Place, Godowns, Office or Computer Rooms or any closed Environment.


Electromagnetic Door Locks

Rat Traps are basically Glue Board. Application of glue boards at strategic locations helps to get the rodents stuck and suffocate to death. Moreover, these are ready to use, No bait needed, No Chemicals, No Poisons & easily Disposable.


Card Scanner

Insectocutor is designed to prevent and destroy flying insects and prevents them from entering into the kitchen, food processing or any other area. Insectocutor works on the principle of hypnotism and draws the insects towards the light tubes of the unit and the insects die instantaneously on contact with the electrically charged grid. The dead insects are collected in the catchment tray provided at the bottom for easy disposal. The unit is easy to install with low maintenance cost and nil consumables required for operation and are available in different models to suit customer’s requirement. It is applicable in; Laboratories, Operation Theatres, Food Processing units, Kitchens, Clubs, Fisheries, Canning Industries, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Showrooms, Canteens, Bottling plants, Abattoirs, Sweet shops and Bakeries.

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